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Audiologist | Professor | Consultant

Interested in making an appointment with Dr. Goyne or one of his associates for help with your hearing or balance? Click the button below to visit Aberdeen Audiology's site.


Help more patients, grow your practice, and enjoy what you do.

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Improving outcomes for patients by supporting practitioners.

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Effective and evidence-based.

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Discussions on the mashup of clinical practice and practice management.

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Dr. Goyne's professional interests lie in the process of creating and applying solutions to the specific needs of his patients, fellow audiologists, and future doctors of audiology, drawing from extensive experience and interest in the latest evidence-based techniques. 

His private practice, Aberdeen Audiology, is a multi-office/multi-provider practice in the Philadelphia suburbs that features auditory processing, amplification, cochlear implants, and balance/vestibular services.

Through his consulting work and his position as an adjunct professor, visiting lecturer, and clinical preceptor with Salus University, Dr. Goyne mentors and supports current and future doctors of audiology, supporting and advising them towards better outcomes for their patients and practices alike.

Outside of audiology, he has a family of five and enjoys playing golf, photography, and living with the ups and downs of Philadelphia's professional sports teams.


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